The Challenge

How do you help turn healthcare facilities into fortresses against infection so that they can deliver quality care?

Pall Corporation is a worldwide medical pioneer in industrial filtration, separation, and purification. In healthcare, infection and contamination cost lives and having the right technology enables quality assurance. On top of this, the industry has seen soaring waiting times in A&E departments and mounting pressure on the healthcare workforce. Pall Medical’s industry leading filtration systems are needed now more than ever, to deliver consistent and safe standards. But the previous systems relating to education and procurement of this life saving technology were in need of modernisation. 

The Brief

Our brief was to create an interactive sales toolkit and digital platform called the Virtual Hospital. The Virtual Hospital tool is unique. It’s a dynamic microsite brimming with features and content designed to educate, engage, and empower multiple presonas within the healthcare environment. Nuevo worked with Pall Medical on a digital launch campaign with a captivating series of animations which brought to life instructional and educational animations to promote three categories of hospital filters to reduce infection rates, and ultimately to help save lives.


Infection and contamination in healthcare cost lives and an average of $67K per incident. Each hospital department buys its contamination control solutions in different ways and from different sources. Unbelievably, this means that there will be different standards of infection control throughout healthcare facilities.

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We recognised the need to educate different personas about:

1. The benefits of buying higher performance filtration from a single source
2. How to identify infection sources and mitigate the risk of contamination

We also wanted to explore ways of getting different healthcare personas to talk to one another about how to increase infection control performance and standards.

Because of the critical role that filtration can play in protecting and saving lives, we wanted to raise the status of the humble filter to that of other higher value hospital instruments.

Through the creation of the interactive Virtual Hospital tool, Pall Medical can educate all staff connected with filtration on the likely start points for an infection outbreak, the solution to it and the proof in Pall’s scientific pedigree. In our clients’ words “This innovative venture not only establishes a solid foundation for healthcare professionals to explore the unmatched value of our products but also provides an unparalleled user experience, surpassing conventional medical device websites.”

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The sales force has adopted a desktop version of the Virtual Hospital and already noticed that cross-category selling is much easier with orders on the increase. The campaign is live in the US and rolling out globally. 

"The Virtual Hospital enables us to disseminate purposeful information, offering effective solutions to our customers' challenges. Our collaboration with Nuevo spans almost 2 years, and it has been an extraordinary experience. This partnership has been marked by expertise, pragmatism, professionalism, boundless imagination, creativity, and a delightful sense of camaraderie. The Nuevo team consistently goes above and beyond, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional results. We wholeheartedly recommend their services."

Volker Luibl & Sebastian Maass
Global Demand Generation Manager Medical Drug Delivery and Devices & Global Director Demand Generation