The Challenge

How do you tell a uniting brand story to reflect diverse skills, customer groups and markets?

Ordnance Survey is perceived as a national treasure; known, loved and respected for its authority in national mapping.

In fact, it’s an eclectic mix of the world’s smartest geospatial scientists and data engineers. OS needed to be seen in a new light as experts in the application of location data; helping everyone move from A to B.

The Brief

Create and activate a new brand strategy to change the perception of OS from ‘known’ to ‘understood’.


11 out of the 17 UN's Sustainable Development Goals rely on the expert application of location data to ensure they are met. We used this insight to re-segment OS’s varied markets to cement their place as experts in this field.

nuevo value

Nuevo’s leadership team understood OS’ culture, its challenges and the market opportunities it was facing from previous strategic initiatives.

We knew that the ability to articulate OS’s know-how was at the root of its value proposition across all audiences and markets. We also knew that to land an emotionally engaging idea, we needed to look beyond complex data visualisation.

We wanted to unify the brand and reflect critical new market opportunities, with an emphasis on how OS could be instrumental in the fight against climate change.

‘OS sheds light on the world’ was our big organising brand thought. It gave us the opportunity to explore a new, instantly recognisable and ownable asset in the world of location data and insight. We also wanted to use light as a visual device to give more meaning to our brand platform. ‘See a Better Place’ and our multichannel campaign (across TV, social, print, internal comms) delivered just that.

And in terms of production, we mixed location with library footage to minimise the campaign’s carbon footprint. A lean crew of just three sets of 2x DoPs (inc. drone) and 1x location expert were deployed on all location shoots.

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The campaign achieved a 2.4% awareness rise, leading to a 16% engagement boost and doubled dwell time. We continue our brand strategy partnership with OS, analysing campaign and user data to enhance the digital experience.

“The Nuevo senior team knows us well. We are a complex organisation; they understand our business culture and more importantly the power and potential that location data can contribute to the world’s economies, societies and environments. They brought our purpose and proposition to life using light as a striking visual metaphor - simply articulated through the brand idea that ‘OS sheds light on the world’.”

Jon Sampson
Head of Brand & Digital Platforms at Ordnance Survey