Bringing Brand Purpose To Life

The Challenge

How do you communicate your brand purpose through every consumer touchpoint in an authentic way?

Canada Goose's purpose is "keeping the planet cold and the people on it warm”, embodied through HUMANATURE, their ESG programme encompassing all of the brand’s sustainability efforts. From their supply chain improvements and net zero goals, to initiatives that invest in indigenous communities throughout Northern Canada.

The Brief

Canada Goose has engaged with Nuevo to bring HUMANATURE to life through a comprehensive marketing strategy, providing a holistic brand experience from the way they do their packaging through to broadcast messaging.


Customers are more discerning now than ever and to be perceived as a category leader every detail counts when it comes to sustainability.

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As a longstanding production partner of Canada Goose, Nuevo possesses unique insights into how to deliver a program of change with the most impact. To position Canada Goose as a leading sustainable luxury brand we knew we had to start from the inside. Our deep knowledge allows us to work with the wider team at Canada Goose to identify impactful areas for progress one step at a time.

HUMANATURE embodies the coexistence of humans and nature in the world of luxury performance apparel, with a focus on addressing the climate emergency, by examining their key operations of the business including manufacturing and employee action.

To reinforce this commitment, Nuevo has designed a tailored programme of change. This initiative challenges traditional planning, ideation, and activation methods for events, campaigns, and the retail experience. We also introduced bespoke carbon benchmarking to quantify marketing's contribution to sustainability.

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